The veteran team behind Crux Distillery and Southern Cross Bourbon (SCB) came together after meeting and participating in the Marine Raider Memorial March, a 770-mile ruck march from Navarre FL, to Camp Lejuene, NC to pay honor and recognition to the men lost after a tragic event where a helicopter carrying 7 Special Operations Marines crashed off the Coast of Florida.


Danny Draher crux distillery

A Special Operations Marine for 20+ years, Danny started as a Force Recon Marine and transitioned to become a highly decorated elite Marine Raider. He will soon be retiring and transitioning out of the Marine Corps. As an African American and one of the few black owners/CEO’s in the Spirits industry, his years of leadership and dedication have put Crux Distillery and SCB on the road to success.


allan smith crux distillery

Allan grew up in Southern California to Armenian Parents and entered the Marine Corps his senior year in high school, earning the MOS 0311. He transitioned out and became a Los Angeles County Paramedic working in South Central Los Angeles, later earning his Firefighter-Paramedic designation. He has grown start up businesses for over 20 years and is the lead sales rep at Crux.


destiny flynn-draher crux distillery

A Gold Star wife & Mother, Destiny tragically lost her first husband, Marine Raider Liam Flynn, in a duty related helicopter crash near Navarre, FL. Destiny is an Army veteran, personal trainer, business owner and our marketing genius.


holly smith crux distillery

A decorated Emergency Room Nurse has worked in big city Trauma Centers her whole career and advanced to top management at Duke University Emergency Room. Holly holds a BSN, MBA, and is Crux Distillery’s financial wizard.


nick coffman crux distillery southern cross bourbon

Nick is a former Marine who hails from the legendary bourbon capital of the world: Kentucky. He holds a master’s degree in IT Project Management and is responsible for Crux Distillery web operations and communications.



Southern Cross Bourbon’s name was inspired and rooted after The Southern Cross constellation superimposed on the dagger. It represents the historic achievements of the Marines serving during the Pacific campaign of WWII, specifically those actions on Guadalcanal.


The Southern Cross remains a part of the legacy of the modern-day Marine Corps Raider units. Our bourbon is created of 45% Wheated Bourbon, 51% Corn and 4% Malted Barley which has aged for over 5 years and as a high end bourbon, is extremely smooth on the palate.


The veteran team behind Southern Cross Bourbon and Crux Distillery came together after meeting and participating in the Marine Raider Memorial March. The four owners,  Danny Draher a Marine Recon-Raider, Destiny Flynn a Gold Star wife & Mother and Army Veteran, Holly Smith an Emergency Room Nurse and Allan Smith a Firefighter-Paramedic and Marine Corps Veteran. Together the team worked hard to blend the perfect bourbon worthy of the history and lineage of the Marine Raiders.


Our slogan “May You Find Your Way Home” comes from the men of WWII using their navigation skills and paddling their rafts guided by the constellations so they could find their way home.


From our family to yours, “May You Find Your Way Home” and we sincerely hope you enjoy!